Unknown by Jyoti Saraswati

More of Jyoti’s work can be seen atJaneJareckiYoga.com

Water Food Chain by Brennan Novak

Music by Alisha Losinno

Are We There Yet? by Patricia Sullivan

This is one of a trio of full-color cards sent by Patricia Sullivan. They are amazingly detailed, and quite interesting, if difficult to reproduce on a 1-color print.

Elephant Ride by Marinna Wagner

One of a trio of great elephant portraits. You can see more of Marinna’s work at http://marinnawagner.blogspot.com/

Broadway Roof by M. Marsicano

New York-based artist and illustrator Michael Marsicano took a pack of cards, and drew something new every day for a month. Search for the rest of his drawings here by last name, and visit www.mmarsicano.com to see more of his work.

Henry the Sperm Whale by Joy

Untitled (desert Island) by anon.

untitled (fish and boat) by Tammy

untitled (sideways paradise) by anon.

L’shanah Tova! by Erin Resnick

untitled (sun and sea) by anon.

untitled (sun and sea) by anon.

Take a Stroke by Cindy

Cindy supports BaltimoreRowing.org

Crooked River by Kathleen

old fish by Jeff Madzia

Oasis by Heather

untitled (boat on water) by I. McDermott

untitled (king frog) by anon.

island by John Rose

I don’t know how to swim by Stephanie Roszewski

happy by Maryclare

Goa by Priya D’Souza

untitled (fish in sea) by anon.

untitled (fish fins) by anon.