untitled (mouth) by anon.

untitled (block bunny) by anon.

untitled (Nose-Mouth) by anon.

Browffle by Dave Mah

More of Dave’s work can be found at Flickr.com/photos/carbon.copies

Hope is love by Dimunz

More of Dimunz’ work can be found at Myspace.com/akrasia

Portrait by Alana Smith

More of Alana’s work can be found at youretotallyfired.blogspot.com

Portrait of the Artist by M. Marsicano

New York-based artist and illustrator Michael Marsicano took a pack of cards, and drew something new every day for a month. Search for the rest of his drawings here by last name, and visit www.mmarsicano.com to see more of his work.

Untitled (big grin) by Chip Routt

Untitled (Kanji) by Teruo Harada

untitled (old face) by Jacob H. Logan

Untitled (Rock On) by anon.

The Thorned Dragon by Keegan J. Fleming

The Destroyer by Nick

Slather Meets Tasty by Yuri Hudak

The Striped Dragon by Keegan J. Fleming

Studio Space Steve by Timm Hines

Rawrr… by Kenzie Quinn

untitled (mouth and beard) by anon.

my monster by Nick Malone

yo momma by James

Lou’s picture by Lou Loizides

butterflies and little men by Yuri Hudak

hungry by Rebecca Ridout

Hiyoko by Akemi

untitled (big grin) by anon.