What’s This All About? By Rogelio Arango

More of Rogelio’s work can be found at RogelioArango.com

Queen Pix by Joe Grossberg

The Grossbergs are friends, almost neighbors (well, it’s within walking distance anyhow) and some of my dog Pixie’s more ardent admirers. Thanks for this great drawing, it gives me great “Bond villain meets Lewis Carroll” vibes!

Untitled (little bug) by Ulio

I’m not sure of the name on this, looks as if done by a very young artist. Love the scale, precision & symmetry going on here.

Evolving Doodle by Caitlin Corcoran

Criss Cross by Scott Neal

untitled (lines and stars) by Chelsea

Untitled (symmetrical star) by Cortney Johnson

Untitled (Kanji) by Teruo Harada

untitled (comedy and tragedy) by anon.

The State of Things

untitled (star) by Brooke

Star of the Sky by Amanda Ravito

Single Scull by Eli Blagoev

Ravenous by Jackie Bertocci

Q heart I by anon.

poopsex by Erin Drone

Pirate radio by A. Torres

untitled (PA nice)

Oink by Nick K.

untitled (network diagram) by anon.

n/a by Steff W.

Moony by J Roe

linezz by Rachel

limbs by Joel Popkin