Emerging to Love by Diane Gately

Thingy Over the E by Madé Greigo

More of Madé’s work is viewable at my-lil-cactus.deviantart.com

Cosmic Onion by Yesha Will

Queen Pix by Joe Grossberg

The Grossbergs are friends, almost neighbors (well, it’s within walking distance anyhow) and some of my dog Pixie’s more ardent admirers. Thanks for this great drawing, it gives me great “Bond villain meets Lewis Carroll” vibes!

Grocery list: Making Meatloaf for Friends by Brooke R.

This one is borderline, it’s not so much a drawing as a meatloaf recipe. There is, however, a heart in the middle…

Baboo by Shawn Grady

for more of Shawn’s work, check out MySpace.com/sadieheartache

Ghetto Upside-Down Cross by Shaughner

Hope is love by Dimunz

More of Dimunz’ work can be found at Myspace.com/akrasia

untitled (glyph) by anon.

Life by Hannah Grace

More of Hannah’s work can be seen at myspace.com/orangangel

you + me by Amanda

untitled (Christmas tree) by anon.

the world by Jonah Davenport

Andy Warhol by Eleonora Germon

More of Eleonora’s work is viewable at Afficionada.livejournal.com

Love not War by Seany

untitled (peacenik) by Eric Bardey

untitled (lines and stars) by Chelsea

untitled (peace tear) by Chris Stoll

untitled (circle star) by Britney Lopes

Untitled (symmetrical star) by Cortney Johnson

untitled (heart vines) by Chelsea

untitled (joined hands) by Alex & Calli

Untitled (mystic face) by Anle Hean

Name That Tune (Virginfest Edition) by Isabel Hernandez

More of Isabel’s work is available at strictlyisness.com