untitled (foam vortex) by anon.

untitled (swirly) by anon.

Coffee Latte Volcano by anon.

Patterns I See in My Coffee 2 by anon.

Unknown by Unknown

untitled (Finger Fly) by anon.

Unknown by Unknown

untitled (Tomato Abstract) by Zoe Bishop

Little Brother by Adam

Smiles for Sophie by Francie Merrill

Line Medley by Martha O’Leary

Ghetto Upside-Down Cross by Shaughner

Fitting by Lisa G.

Evolving Doodle by Caitlin Corcoran

Music by Alisha Losinno

Swirling Slime by Austin Lee

Huh? by Tombley

untitled (glyph 2) by anon.

Dogma by Adam Chandler

Echo, Abmiance & Noise by Tomley

Why? by Tom Komp

untitled (river) by anon.

Q heart I by anon.

Progress Bar by Jane Cassady

More of Jane’s work can be seen at http://www.myspace.com/janecassady.