Cosmic Onion by Yesha Will

Vacuum by Shawn Grady

for more of Shawn’s work, go to

Ghetto Upside-Down Cross by Shaughner

Pluto’s Findings by May DeMedio

Comeuppance by Martha Hull

More of Martha’s work can be found at

untitled (Christmas tree) by anon.

Andy Warhol by Eleonora Germon

More of Eleonora’s work is viewable at

untitled (lines and stars) by Chelsea

untitled (circle star) by Britney Lopes

Untitled (symmetrical star) by Cortney Johnson

untitled (joined hands) by Alex & Calli

Untitled (mystic face) by Anle Hean

L’shanah Tova! by Erin Resnick

The War Doodle Sees All by Jason Alden Cathers

This is a favorite, done by a young man at the Virgin Festival…

We Are All Made of Stars by Jule

untitled (star doodle) by anon.

untitled (starburst) by anon.

Star Bright! by Kaylie Horsman

More of Kaylie’s work is viewable at

untitled (star) by Brooke

Star of the Sky by Amanda Ravito

Max in Space by Max

Shock Her by S.A.

untitled (path at night) by anon.

Paisley by Demerise King

the gift of oral health by Jen