Let’s See Those Pearly Whites by Kawika M.

untitled (Crayon Smile) by anon.

(Smiley Face) by R. Booz

Bunny the Bananimal by Hanna Howard

More of Hanna’s work can be found at Myspace.com/KatieByrden and EmergeMassage.com.

you by Claudia

Hope is love by Dimunz

More of Dimunz’ work can be found at Myspace.com/akrasia

untitled (piggy) by anon.

untitled (hair swirl) by anon.

The Guy by Adam Chandler

Portrait of the Artist by M. Marsicano

New York-based artist and illustrator Michael Marsicano took a pack of cards, and drew something new every day for a month. Search for the rest of his drawings here by last name, and visit www.mmarsicano.com to see more of his work.

Teachers are Superheroes by Maddie

Zak couldn’t come though by Kavita

WTF?! by Jeff

What me? by Krislo

Henry the Sperm Whale by Joy

untitled (waver) by anon.

watching u by Mike Brady

Rascly Wabbit by Adam Cohen

untitled (peacenik) by Eric Bardey

Untitled (big grin) by Chip Routt

untitled (how about it) by Jackie Swain

untitled (strange Hairdo) by anon.

Untitled by Bill Garate

untitled (old face) by Jacob H. Logan

Untitled (spiked face) by Ellery