The Dinosaur by Ben

Norse Frenzy by DJ Fricke

Aphrodite’s Children by Glynnis Fawkes

More of Glynnis’ work can be found at

Smoker by Sokol

Dino-Cat by Sarah

This drawing was given by Sarah at Big Bear coffee shop in DC. She also did some amazing screen printed shirts and other apparel for Big Bear. Nice job, Sarah. Thanks!

Blonde & Stacked by Cat Woodward

untitled (big mouth) by Tomley

Zak couldn’t come though by Kavita

You know by Don Yahou

WTF?! by Jeff

untitled (indian) by anon.

untitled (strange Hairdo) by anon.

Ughh by Ben Maddox

More of Ben’s work viewable at

trouble by Pam

I am thinking abouy drawing what I am thinking by Paul

More of Paul’s work can be seen at

Terror by Andy

God Gave Us the Sun by Peter

Stickman V. Circle by Ian Schuler

untitled (spikey face) by anon.

woof? by Rita

Skin Deep by Marsi

reading glasses by anon.

Rawrr… by Kenzie Quinn

untitled (woman in profile) by anon.

Prison by Connie Ambridge