The Teeth That Make Me Think fo Desert Winds by Alyssa Lingerfelt

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untitled (mountains and sky) by Matthew Speedy

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untitled (brain landscape) by Matthew Speedy

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Let’s See Those Pearly Whites by Kawika M.

What’s This All About? By Rogelio Arango

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untitled (Tomato Abstract) by Zoe Bishop

Hope is love by Dimunz

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Mae by Jeanette

Your frenzy makes me wanna by M. Vahit

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Andy Warhol by Eleonora Germon

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Round N Round by Leo Listi

Leo supports (as do I!)

red by Aastha Mehta

? by Erik Borchell

Footstep in puddle by Will Castellucci

untitled (let me be patient) by anon.

untitled (abstract) by anon.

Love by Val Swain

Life on a rock by Johnny T.

Hold on… by Jacques Boudreau

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untitled (bubbles) by Heather

untitled (3 fingers) by anon.

FLT by Chris Brodie

doodeling by Oryan Rosen

DNA by Sean Breen

untitled (designs) by anon.