untitled (Crayon landscape) by anon.

Water Food Chain by Brennan Novak

Music by Alisha Losinno

See Goons by Phoebe + Genevra MacPhail

Elephant Ride by Marinna Wagner

One of a trio of great elephant portraits. You can see more of Marinna’s work at http://marinnawagner.blogspot.com/

Henry the Sperm Whale by Joy

Untitled (desert Island) by anon.

untitled (fish and boat) by Tammy

Under Da Sea by Blakeley A.

L’shanah Tova! by Erin Resnick

untitled (sun and sea) by anon.

untitled (sun and sea) by anon.

Skip Jack by Neal Wilkins

sharks oh no! by Khara Boender

untitled (sea and palm) by anon.

Palm Tree by Danielle A.

Palm Beach by Rachel-Paige Mumenthaler

Oasis by Heather

untitled (boat on water) by I. McDermott

Gabbie Bur Jo by Jordan

island by John Rose

I don’t know how to swim by Stephanie Roszewski

happy by Maryclare

Goa by Priya D’Souza

eight legs by anon.