untitled (mouth) by anon.

Emerging to Love by Diane Gately

untitled (Nose-Mouth) by anon.

Unknown by Unknown

Thingy Over the E by Madé Greigo

More of Madé’s work is viewable at my-lil-cactus.deviantart.com

untitled (crayonface) by anon.

Meowrrrrr by Dave Mah

More of Dave’s work can be found at Flickr.com/photos/carbon.copies

Portrait by Alana Smith

More of Alana’s work can be found at youretotallyfired.blogspot.com

Elephant Lunch by Marinna Wagner

One of a trio of great elephant portraits. You can see more of Marinna’s work at http://marinnawagner.blogspot.com/

Tooth Chasm by Paul Bellamy

untitled (piggy) by anon.

untitled (big mouth) by Tomley

untitled (hair swirl) by anon.

What me? by Krislo

untitled (anime character) by Chris Kirby

Untitled (Kanji) by Teruo Harada

Heavenly Peace by Tricia (Kee-9 Jr.)

More of Tricia’s work viewable at Myspace.com/bestballaindabiznes This arrived in the mail from Kansas, nice!

Face/Tears by Sara Cuerdthe

More of Sara’s work http://www.myspace.com/grungegirlinlove.

Slather Meets Tasty by Yuri Hudak

Take me to your Leader by Anne

The Striped Dragon by Keegan J. Fleming

Studio Space Steve by Timm Hines

untitled (face) by anon.

untitled (symbols) by anon.

Roar by Kasey