Emerging to Love by Diane Gately

Dale Earnhart by NRM

you + me by Amanda

the world by Jonah Davenport

Want by Toad

untitled (joined hands) by Alex & Calli

stick man me by W1ze

All we are saying… by Shelly Work

The Conceptualization of Peace and Understanding by David Medina

More of David’s work can be seen at www.vashdounts7.deviantart.com

peace by Jedediah

Love grows peace by Chad

Paisley by Demerise King

Lurve by Amanda

untitled (love spelled out) by anon.

untitled (love emphasis) my anon.

untitled (love eyes) by anon.

Love by Marilyn

Love by Katie Love

Live in Love by Marion B. R.

untitled (love life with Eric) by Sara

Love is Hot by Steven Purpora

More of Steven’s work can be seen at myspace.com/pauvro

Give Love by Kevin O’Malley

More of Kevin’s work is viewable at MySpace.com/yougotkoed.

flowers by Giselle

untitled (rain is falling) by Christina Hans

equality by Laura Monico