untitled (brain landscape) by Matthew Speedy

More of Matthew’s work can be found at www.mspeedy.blogspot.com

untitled (Finger Fly) by anon.

untitled (Tomato Abstract) by Zoe Bishop

Meowrrrrr by Dave Mah

More of Dave’s work can be found at Flickr.com/photos/carbon.copies

This is Upside Down by Maura Willey

more of Maura’s work (Nice photos, BTW!) can be found at Flickr.com/mauras_stars

The Slumbering Salmon by Daniel Mills

Skinny Mini by Bryan Waters

Thunderbird by Hunter Thorne

Huh? by Tombley

untitled (piggy) by anon.

untitled (edge) by Tomley

untitled by anon.

Zach B. by Joe S.

untitled (abstract with web) by anon.

Andy Warhol by Eleonora Germon

More of Eleonora’s work is viewable at Afficionada.livejournal.com

untitled (lines and stars) by Chelsea

Untitled by Jeanette Wiley

Untitled (—) by Sarah Dettenmanger

untitled (pinwheel) by Maria Cocito

Untitled (mystic face) by Anle Hean

Le Déroulement – The unraveling by Maggie Standley

More of Maggie’s work viewable at www.wingspanpaintingstudio.com

trouble by Pam

Tribal Beluga by Chelsea

More of Chelsea’s work viewable at Myspace.com/devils_eyes

Tipsy by Mc7tt

The Storm by Debbie Price