Emerging to Love by Diane Gately

Queen Pix by Joe Grossberg

The Grossbergs are friends, almost neighbors (well, it’s within walking distance anyhow) and some of my dog Pixie’s more ardent admirers. Thanks for this great drawing, it gives me great “Bond villain meets Lewis Carroll” vibes!

Grocery list: Making Meatloaf for Friends by Brooke R.

This one is borderline, it’s not so much a drawing as a meatloaf recipe. There is, however, a heart in the middle…

Hope is love by Dimunz

More of Dimunz’ work can be found at Myspace.com/akrasia

you + me by Amanda

Love not War by Seany

untitled (heart vines) by Chelsea

Family Tree by Kylee Groos

We Are All Made of Stars by Jule

stick man me by W1ze

Shock Her by S.A.

All we are saying… by Shelly Work

Sanctity by HTA

untitled (symbols) by anon.

Robot Love by Sam Heird

reckoning by anon.

random by Chelsea Bedford

? by Ray

Progress Bar by Jane Cassady

More of Jane’s work can be seen at http://www.myspace.com/janecassady.

Printz by Carrie Boyd

peeps by Hannah Levin

This drawing was given to me by one of the folks working at the Virgin Mobile festival. She was working the t-shirt booth. I got a free festival shirt, and she got a free mile project shirt.

Peace, Love by Diana

The Conceptualization of Peace and Understanding by David Medina

More of David’s work can be seen at www.vashdounts7.deviantart.com

Paisley by Demerise King

n/a by Steff W.