Baboo by Shawn Grady

for more of Shawn’s work, check out

Hell’s Kitchen Fair by M. Marsicano

New York-based artist and illustrator Michael Marsicano took a pack of cards, and drew something new every day for a month. Search for the rest of his drawings here by last name, and visit to see more of his work.

untitled (weighlifter) by anon.

untitled (music man) by Hunter Wozny

untitled (star hat) by anon.

trouble by Pam

untitled (tictactoe) by anon.

Teenage Years by Luke

more of Luke’s work can be seen at

Stickman V. Circle by Ian Schuler

Studio Space Steve by Timm Hines

stick man me by W1ze

untitled (scarecrow) by anon.

my BF by Anna Bananna

Musician in paradise by Marin Šanti?

This drawing came in the mail from Croatia. More of Marin’s work can be seen at

midnight by Nick Koop

Possibly the midnight character from Abarat?

untitled (menage a trois) by anon.

butterflies and little men by Yuri Hudak

life by Novelty Theory

More great work can be seen at

Joel Z by Joel Zupancic

More of Joel’s work can be seen and heard at

Do it faster by Coach Sweeney

farm by Mike Pearce

Mr. The Edge by Killer Kitten

Dale by Cassie Crave

Contemporary by Lisa Woods

Chillin by Rahul Razdan