Evolving Doodle by Caitlin Corcoran

Skinny Mini by Bryan Waters

Lady Bug by Erica

Chicky Babe by Wendy Mike

Yum by Kim

Yey! by Me

Why? by Tom Komp

Whimsey by Kristen Bonson

untitled (abstract with web) by anon.

Andy Warhol by Eleonora Germon

More of Eleonora’s work is viewable at Afficionada.livejournal.com

Virginear by Cappart

Le D̩roulement РThe unraveling by Maggie Standley

More of Maggie’s work viewable at www.wingspanpaintingstudio.com

Heavenly Peace by Tricia (Kee-9 Jr.)

More of Tricia’s work viewable at Myspace.com/bestballaindabiznes This arrived in the mail from Kansas, nice!

I am thinking abouy drawing what I am thinking by Paul

More of Paul’s work can be seen at Pavone.net

The Eye by Max

SWE By Malin

Sucky by Connie Ambridge

untitled (river) by anon.

untitled (spider) by anon.

untitled (shroom fly) by anon.

Shocker by Connie Ambridge

untitled (abstract) by anon.

Shapes by Kayla Weil

untitled (salt shaker) by anon.

Ribs by Connie Ambridge