Green Dot by Alyssa Lingerfelt

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untitled (Spot in Corner) by anon.

untitled (foam vortex) by anon.

Circles by Sherri lapierre

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Smiles for Sophie by Francie Merrill

Bubbles by Jonathan Sawyer

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Evolving Doodle by Caitlin Corcoran

Criss Cross by Scott Neal

Hamburger Levitation by anon.

Zach B. by Joe S.

untitled (circle star) by Britney Lopes

Untitled by Bill Garate

untitled (pinwheel) by Maria Cocito

The Eye by Max

Stickman V. Circle by Ian Schuler

untitled (star doodle) by anon.

Round N Round by Leo Listi

Leo supports (as do I!)

reckoning by anon.

Progress Bar by Jane Cassady

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Printz by Carrie Boyd

Power Atom by Patrick Bonson

Peas on Earth by Gwen

Eh! by Shawn Samii

circle.line by Mike Steele

untitled (Zebra) by Bradley