Rolling… by Kawika M.

Queen Pix by Joe Grossberg

The Grossbergs are friends, almost neighbors (well, it’s within walking distance anyhow) and some of my dog Pixie’s more ardent admirers. Thanks for this great drawing, it gives me great “Bond villain meets Lewis Carroll” vibes!

Baboo by Shawn Grady

for more of Shawn’s work, check out

(Smiley Face) by R. Booz

Buzz by Katie Wall

More of Katie’s illustrations can be found at!

Bunny the Bananimal by Hanna Howard

More of Hanna’s work can be found at and

Poopdeckasaurus by Renée Spicer

Henry the Sperm Whale by Joy

Venus by Carly Stout

untitled (smoking figure) By Amber Lynn

untitled (house and garden) bt Reed Carden

Tipsy by Mc7tt

Ravenous by Jackie Bertocci

Rabbit by Mr. Cottaintail

Quack by Sarina

Purple Pizzy Cat by Cassie Gretschel

Mr. Pimp Penguin by Kellz

Peg Mouse by Chris

Love grows peace by Chad

untitled (PA nice)

untitled (be organic) by anon.

old fish by Jeff Madzia

Groove by Yuri Hudak

farm by Mike Pearce

eight legs by anon.