This is Upside Down by Maura Willey

more of Maura’s work (Nice photos, BTW!) can be found at

untitled (skate boarder) by John Howard

Purple Pizzy Cat by Cassie Gretschel

Single Scull by Eli Blagoev

roar by Carl

Phil by Brian Lusher

movers by Nicki

untitled (crap blood) by anon.

Mad World by Nicki

Love by Katie Love

Life by Geraldine Aliss

Let it Go by Andrea Currie

More of Andrea’s fantastic work can be seen at

The Journey Home by Carter

runner’s high by Jessica

Love is Hot by Steven Purpora

More of Steven’s work can be seen at

Hear me roar by Maryalice Baehr

guy with hair on fire by Stanley Greidinger

A guitar by Lauren

Free your heart by Donna D Wilkins

Feelin’ the Music by Kim Schueneman

Do it faster by Coach Sweeney

untitled (rain is falling) by Christina Hans

Ecstasy by Joseph Rousseau

untitled (dancers) by Nicki G.