The World & A Cat In The Sunshine by Emily Howland

The Life Aquatic by Libby

More of Libby’s work can be found at

Buzz by Katie Wall

More of Katie’s illustrations can be found at!

A Startled Snail by Katie Wall

More of Katie’s illustrations can be found at!

Poopdeckasaurus by Renée Spicer

Untitled (little bug) by Ulio

I’m not sure of the name on this, looks as if done by a very young artist. Love the scale, precision & symmetry going on here.

Evolving Doodle by Caitlin Corcoran

Hope is love by Dimunz

More of Dimunz’ work can be found at

Big ears… by Katie Wall

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Dungry by Debra Sutton

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Skinny Mini by Bryan Waters

Hiding. by Katie Wall

More of Katie’s illustrations can be found at!

Incoming Drawings

Hey, so first off, sorry for the silent treatment. although not one to share here much, I’ve been under the weather recently, and have found myself on a revolving trip between the doctor and the emergency room trying to rid myself of (what they are pretty sure is a) sinus infection. Things are improving, but not fast enough for me to be anything other than ill-tempered and miserable.

On to good news. The cards from the recent NotCot exposure are beginning to come back, and there’s some cool stuff in there. Also, a friend who went cross country has been handing out cards at huge events (most notably Seattle’s Hempfest) and I’m starting to see some come back from that trip too.

Will be posting more soon, and keep them coming!

New batch uploaded.

It is now 6:33 AM, and I’m still awake. Not really a day person, apparently. I’ve finished uploading the latest batch of scans for your viewing pleasure. There are some pretty interesting things in there, including a pair of Escher mimics, more robotia, a cool demon from FOS, and a fantastic monster collage from Martha Hull featuring a vampiric PowerPuff Girl pouncing on Dracula! Also, this piece, which is among my favorites.

Oi, there’s too much good stuff to mention, but I’ll mention one more. Artist and Illustrator Michael Marsicano took a stack of cards, and drew something new every day for a month. Check out his incredible New York Vignettes.

Enjoy, and get some rest.

Wes Disney: Retrospective 1st Person by Mathew Barewicz

The title refers to a show at the Firehouse Gallery in Burlington, VT. It was a fantastic retrospective.

Halloween Boy & His Mindworms by Phil R. Harris

More of Phil’s great work can be found at

Self Portrait by Michelle DeAngelis

Criss Cross by Scott Neal

Pluto’s Findings by May DeMedio

Hand Within a Hand Within a Hand… by Erin Thomas

More of Erin’s work can be seen at

Seeing Progress by Jess Rivella

Water Food Chain by Brennan Novak

Multy Reflex Ball by Shannon Stewart

Music by Alisha Losinno

Swirling Slime by Austin Lee