Circles by Sherri lapierre

More of Sherri’s work can be seen at

Thingy Over the E by Madé Greigo

More of Madé’s work is viewable at

Worldwide Plaza South & East View by M. Marsicano

More of Michael’s great work can be seen at

untitled (Tomato Abstract) by Zoe Bishop

Cosmic Onion by Yesha Will

The Dinosaur by Ben

I Love Pear by Amelia Merrill

Smiles for Sophie by Francie Merrill

Norse Frenzy by DJ Fricke

Night Life by Drew Cameron

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Winter by Kat Clear

more of Kat’s work available at

Aphrodite’s Children by Glynnis Fawkes

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Smoker by Sokol

Line Medley by Martha O’Leary

Browffle by Dave Mah

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Meowrrrrr by Dave Mah

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This is Jim by Dave Mah

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This is Upside Down by Maura Willey

more of Maura’s work (Nice photos, BTW!) can be found at

Queen Pix by Joe Grossberg

The Grossbergs are friends, almost neighbors (well, it’s within walking distance anyhow) and some of my dog Pixie’s more ardent admirers. Thanks for this great drawing, it gives me great “Bond villain meets Lewis Carroll” vibes!

Dino-Cat by Sarah

This drawing was given by Sarah at Big Bear coffee shop in DC. She also did some amazing screen printed shirts and other apparel for Big Bear. Nice job, Sarah. Thanks!

Dale Earnhart by NRM

Baboo by Shawn Grady

for more of Shawn’s work, check out

Bubbles by Jonathan Sawyer

For more of Jonathan’s work, hit him up at

(Smiley Face) by R. Booz

Ghetto Upside-Down Cross by Shaughner