untitled (TP) by Bo “the Eat More Kale Guy”

Bo makes amazing art and clothing designs, which are viewable at EatMoreKale.com.

Bliss by Sadie Somber

Black Dog by J.D.

J.D. Humphreys is an art director in northern Virginia, and his work is viewable at JDHumphreys.com.

big bro by connie

untitled (Believe) by anon.

Beach penguin by Daniel M. Roltan

Mr Roltan is an illustrator living in New York. His incredibly-detailed work can be enjoyed at OptikMass.com

Austin and Pikatchu by Reid C.

Horses ass by Mike Kabler

I am an artist! by Robert Waldo Brunelle, Jr.

Mr. Brunelle is a popular cartoonist, painter, teacher and humorist. His work can be seen at MrBrunelle.com.

outsider/artbrut by Mikey Welsh

Mikey is an accomplished (and ridiculously talented) artist and musician, and his latest work can be seen, in addition to galleries and private collections, at MikeyWelsh.com

untitled (angels) by anon.

untitled (alien attack) by anon.

Santa door by anon.

untitled (lines) by anon.

Santa Train by anon.

52 seconds of Intense Thought by Adam Demasi

untitled (bats) by anon.

untitled (2 earrings) by anon.



Ok, possibly a little melodramatic, but still very satisfying personally. After a cavalcade of technical issues (WordPress upgrades hosing our custom theme, some database corruption and a few other issues) combined with work schedules, and the necessities of living have interfered to make the site rebuild annoyingly difficult. However, all is now, hopefully, fixed, and the process of recovery is progressing. One of the decisions made was to change the way posts are added (saving certain scan data in a manner more friendly to our archive process) which will, unfortunately for me, would have required the manual editing of all the records up until now. Rather than be faced with that arduous task, I am almost finished with a new, highly automated input procedure, which will make it easier to simply re-add the images from scratch.

In addition to a new records display, look for a new downloadable mailer, redesigned gallery, social networking connections, a completely revamped storefront and some other great new features coming soon. It’s tremendously exciting, and all the kids are sure to be into it this summer, so come on back!